Monday, 15 September 2014

          (17th September, 2014)  
              Timing: 5:10 PM 

S. No Room No Roll No.
1 E601 11302002 - 11302045
2 E602 11302047 - 11302092
3 E606 11302094 - 11302135, 11352001, 11402388
4 E607 11402301 - 11402345
5 E501 11402346 - 11402387

Sunday, 14 September 2014

ECE 203 - Electro-Magnetic Field Theory
Section A
Field, types of fields (scalar & vector fields), vector algebra (addition, subtraction, scaling, dot product & cross product, vector triple product), Coordinate systems (rectangular, cylindrical & spherical), transformation of coordinate systems, Del operator, Curl, Divergence, Gradient, Laplacian Operator (physical significance of gradient, divergence and curl) Gauss divergence theorem, Stokes theorem, Laplace’e equation and Poisson’s equation.

Electrostatic Fields: Review of Coulombs law, Gauss law for electrostatics, electric potential and electric field, concept of electric dipole and dipole moment, torque and energy of dipole, Effect of dielectric on capacitance, concept of capacitance, capacitances in series and parallel, Boundary conditions at electric interfaces.
Section B
Faradays law, self and mutual inductance of transmission lines and cables, inductances in series and parallel, Energy stored in Electric and Magnetic fields, concept of magnetic dipole and magnetic dipole moment, Biot Savart’s law, Ampere’s law, Magnetic vector potential.

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