Saturday, 15 November 2014

The following students are having short of attendance in EMFT:

1.   Harman Kaur   (11302006)  - Group EC12
2.   Maninderpal     (11302045)  - Group EC12
3.   Vikas                  (11302082)  - Group EC34
4.   Ujjawal              (11302109)  - Group EC34
5.   Bhuvnesh           (11302113) - Group EC34
6.   Vipul                  (11402385) - Group EC34
7.   Jaspreet             (11402307) - Group EC56
8.   Subhash             (11402330) - Group EC56
9.   Jagjeet               (11402363) - Group EC56
10. Simranjeet        (11402367) - Group EC56
11. Vipul Kumar    (11402388) - Group EC56     

Friday, 14 November 2014

Maxwell’s Equation: Continuity equation, Concept of displacement current, Maxwell’s equation in integral and differential form for static and time varying fields. Electromagnetic Waves: Wave equation, Propagation of uniform plane wave in free space and conducting medium, Polarization, Reflection and Refraction of plane waves, Surface impedance.
Guided waves: TE, TM and TEM waves, Wave motion between parallel planes, Concept of Poynting vector, Poynting theorem, Power loss in a plane conductor. Transmission Lines: Circuit representation of parallel plane transmission lines, Parallel plane transmission line with losses, Low loss RF and UHF transmission lines, Distortion less condition, Smith Chart and its use in transmission lines.